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Forum Thread: Welcome to the Photography Contests World Forum!

Welcome to the Photography Contests World Forum! Do you like to enter photography contests or want to, but don't know where to start? Post questions and share tips, strategies, and experiences in the forums so we can all learn from each other. Did you enter a community vote style contest? Post the link to your entry so we can view and vote on your work. If you won a contest, make sure you post the link for us to view your winning entry.  You earned the right to brag, after all. :) 

Forum Thread: New Contest Listing Format

As new contest listings are added to the blog, I will create a thread here for discussion.  It will include a link to the blog contest listing.  I found the subject line to be very short so I will simply put an "*" in front of the contest name so enough of the name will hopefully be visible and to indicate that it is a discussion thread for a blog contest listing.

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