News: BIRD PORTRAITS, "The Avian Persona" Photography Competition - Deadline January 31, 2011

BIRD PORTRAITS, "The Avian Persona" Photography Competition - Deadline January 31, 2011

Type:             Digital, avian   

Theme:          Bird portraits, "The Avian Persona", wild or in captivity

Categories:   Theme 

Deadline:      Submissions close on January 31, 2011, midnight EST

                      Deadline for mail-in entries is "received by", not postmark date.    

Eligibility:      International, professional and amateur, 18+ years old to submit, under 18 years old are eligible with submission by a parent.


                      Submission guidelines and rules:

                      Entry form: 

Entry Fee:     $25 for up to 5 photos, $5 for each additional photo 

Prizes:  Recognition and exposure

             Top five photographers will have their winning image prominently displayed on a email targeted to over 1,200 professional Photo Editors and Art Directors who are constantly looking for fresh and creative new imagery.

             Twenty "Runners Up" will be displayed online, along with photographer's contact email and website URL information, in the Themed Contest Gallery.

Size/Format:   Any size but no smaller than 1200 pixels on the longest side

                         72ppi  (pixels per inch), jpg saved at the "Highest Quality" setting.

                         See rules for special file naming requirements and copyright data.

Electronic Submission:   Yes, email attachment or FTP

USPS Submission:          Yes, on CD. See entry form for address.      

Description:    Capture the personality of birds in the wild or captivity for the opportunity to be chosen to have your photos presented to over 1,200 Photo Editors and Art Directors in the market for quality photos.  The top five photos will also be the featured images on The Chasing Light Juried Photography website for the duration of the current contest. Jurors will award a First Place, Second Place, Third Place and two Honorable Mentions. An additional twenty images will be selected and featured in an online Gallery for the Photo Editors and Art Directors to access via a live link in the targeted mailing.

Additional Info:  Chasing The Light Juried Photography was created by professional photographers and photo agents Tom and Therisa Stack to fill the need of a select group of Professional Photo Editors and Art Directors who are constantly searching for unique new imagery.

Chasing The Light Juried Photography is a division of Tom Stack & Associates, Inc.

For over 35 years Tom Stack & Associate has been a leading supplier of extraordinary and hard to find wildlife, underwater, space, and environmental images to publishers and advertising agencies worldwide.

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