News: Travel Photo Contest 2011

Travel Photo Contest 2011



The competition will begin with uploading and voting on August 1st and run until September 30th. During these two months, ten photos can be uploaded onto a personal profile page where information on the photos and photographers can be viewed. Social media links can also be shared on this profile creating a friendly sharing community. Viewers can vote for their favorite photos andleave comments on both the photos and for the photographer. 

The votes collected on the website will help decide the winners of the two main categories; best photo and best photographer. The photo with the highest amountof votes will win the best photo category. The 20 collections of photos with the highest collective amount of votes will move on to the jury stage for the best photographer category, along with five staff picks from the GetYourGuide Staff. The jury will announce the winner for this category one week after the end of the contest.

Eligibility:Over 18 years and resident of the U.S. , Canada or UK. 

Entery Fee: None


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