News: Light & Composition Magazine Photo of the Day (and Month) Photography Contest - Ongoing

Light & Composition Magazine Photo of the Day (and Month) Photography Contest - Ongoing

Type:   Purist photography, no visual or graphic art manipulation  

Theme:  Photo of the Day

Categories:   Theme        

Deadline:      This contest is ongoing

Eligibility:     International, no age restriction listed


Entry Fee:    None

Prizes:    Recognition and exposure

Size/Format:    N/A for initial selection

Electronic Submission:  Yes, submission is by email of link to portfolio

USPS Submission:   No 

Description:  There are two components to this contest - Photo of the Day and Photo of the Month. To be considered for Photo of the Day, you must email with the link to your online portfolio and those photographs that you want to submit for this award. Also include your name, title of the photographs, and a short bio in the email. If your photographs are selected for the award, you will be contacted by email.

Next, photo of the day awards will automatically go to anonline competition in which photos are evaluated by the numbers of tweets and re-tweets in Twitter, like in Facebook, plus the comments of subscribers. The selection team will analyze this data and the winning photograph will be on the second page of Light & Composition magazine as photograph of the month. A special interview with the photographer will also be published in the magazine in the "Photographer with Style"section.

Additional Info:        Light & Composition magazine was launched in June, 2010 with the goal to steer people towards the true essence of photography  and now boasts more than a million monthly page views (and steadily growing).  To get a sense of the type of photography that fits in the style of the magazine, I suggest spending some time browsing the past "Photo of the Day" awards at the listed link and viewing a copy of the magazine.  The magazine is available in .pdf format for the PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod here:

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