News: Welcome to Photography Contests World!

Welcome to Photography Contests World!

Welcome to Photography Contests World! The purpose of this world is two-fold. First, it will serve as a directory with featured listings of all types of current photography contests. If you have ever tried to search for a photography contest to enter, then you are aware of how many contests are scattered all over the internet. Photography Contests World will strive to bring you information on as many contests possible in one central location, beginning with mostly USA and international  contests. Listed contests are provided for informational purposes and are not endorsed by Photography Contests World. Read the rules and fine print carefully before entering any contest.

Photography Contests World will also be available for its community to share resources related to entering photography contests and to increase the odds of each other's success. Being an excellent photographer is not enough to win a contest. Do you want to win cash, equipment, portfolio or image hosting services, exposure,  or recognition?  Do you know the legalese to look for to ensure protection of your work if you win? Do you know how to spot a fake contest? Do you know of a specific contest scam for photographers to avoid? Ask questions and share tips, strategies, and experiences in the forums so we can all learn from each other.

Do you have urgent contest news such as an extended deadline or winner's announcement? Post an alert on the corkboard for all to see.

If you know of or are running a contest and would like the contest listed in Photography Contests World, post the link to the details in the comments on this post so I can create a listing.  Listings can be for contests in any county.

If you find this world useful to your contesting endeavors, stop by often and tell all your friends. Listings will start going up this week.

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